What You Are Really Paying For When You Buy Jewelry Retail

July 30th, 2011

Here at Jewelry Fresno, we pride ourselves on the fact that we spend very little advertising our site.

In fact, we spend nothing at all, just the hosting charges of the site and of course our time to keep it up to date.

Now, most other jewelry stores in the area have to advertise to get you through their doors… and don’t think that expensive mall space is not a form of advertising!

Yep, there are the Yellow pages which can cost over $1000 per month, then radio and television and on an on it goes.

Here is an expensive advertisement that ran awhile back for Long Jewelers in Virginia Beach, VA which we don’t mind sharing with you at all!

So that’s pretty much it.. When you buy that diamond ring or bracelet or pair of earrings, you are also paying for a lot of other things like store over head and expensive advertising.

Someones got to pay it, right?

However, you can get some mighty fine jewelry at much better prices by searching online for it and of course that is what Jewelry Fresno is all about!

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